Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Waiting

Getting tired while waiting… U know?
U Know, do you know how I feel?..
Do you still remember me? Oh~ no...
Even if a day goes by, I'll still remember you
Even if a month goes by, I still won't let you go
Can you understand my desires for you?
Going insane while waiting
and each day feels like a year.
I, was waiting and while I was waiting,
It felt as if you would come back
or if I look back I would see your face
I am going insane,
I am holding back just in case you come back,
I am still waiting
Even if a month goes by, I'll still remember you.
Even if a year goes by, I still won't let you go......

Why is it so hard
and everything's so complicated in my head.
I was waiting and waiting
and yet no answers from you
I didn't cry because of you
and you didn't leave because of me
So why is it so hard, why is it so hard?

I will wait for a year
or even a decade if I have to.
I will wait and it's fine if tire myself out.
Going insane while waiting......

I'm still waiting for YOU