Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dont lie!!! tell me the truth!!

Look, look at me, me. Look at me straight in the eyes.
Look, you are already look at elsewhere.
you only keep looking at the clock.
You don't have to tell me. I know you got someone else.
You've been meeting someone else often lately.
You don't even call me first anymore.
When you are with me, you would only look at the sky even if a day is a second long.
pff,... I know whats in your mind. The distance between you and I.
Getting farther and wider. We are no better than strangers.

oh baby I'm a loner,
I'm a loner being sad at love, shedding tear at love. My heart hurts.
no body knows, how I feel.
I'm cheering up myself passing many nights awake.
If you had just told me honestly
that you got someone else. That you hate me.
Then I wouldn't have hated you to death.
Remembering your words, they are all silly lies.
Love is going. Love is leaving.
One person and one love. Everything that I've been used to
I should erase you after tonight.
Yes, I should force myself to erase you. I should do so since you abandoned me
Gone Gone my love is gone!!!

I'm a lonely heart hurt by love and waiting for love.
I want this to be a dream....no body knows me.
I'm crying passing many nights awake.