Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I know WHY I Love You

I know I’ve fallen in love. The day you came to me
was like a dream painted in grey.
I wanna tell you some, what I say with my heart
Wanna love you I wanna hold you, only my drunken confession.

Hiding where you can't see me.
I only shout the words that you cant hear. I love you.
This short phrase is too difficult for me. I can't even open my mouth.
'I love you' this short phrase is too much for me. I cannot breath.

When you give me LOVE, Girl, I will give you my EVERYTHING.
When I see your red lips, my silent breath purrs with my innocence,
and my heartbeat that feels like its about to explode
strike a message to my ear. Baby I love you indeed.
I send you a message: I can’t see it any teardrop in on your face, girl
I love you, only this
Fearing you'll know if our eyes meet,
I only look away at the sky. I love you.
Come to me. See my eyes. I want you too.
My eyes tell you truth I wanna live in your life

This short phrase is too precious to me.
If you tell me 'I love you,' this one phrase out of anything in the world,
I will be happy.

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